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As an entrepreneur, you know that it’s important to be concerned with every aspect of your business, from your product or service to your brand to your balance sheet.  If you are wondering if you should trademark your business name or a brand name then this course will lead you in the right direction. 

Business Course - Trademark 1:1

  • If you are looking to take your business or your personal finances to the next level then this self study course is for you.  Take a trip with me to a world of endless knowledge to not only make yourself better but your business.  


    In this course you will learn the following:

              1) What is a Trademark

              2) Difference between Trademark vs


              3) Advantageous of Trademarking

              4) How to Trademark

              5) Difference between the TM & R Symbol

  • All sales are FINAL due to the buyer having instant acces to the digital purchase.  These purchases cannot be returned and/or refunded.  If you have questions about a product, please feel free to email me at prior to making your purchase.  

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