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Having a budget is essential to you tackling debt, saving and investing.  If you really want to transform your financial story you have to know how much money you have at the end of each month.


Populate the template with your monthly expenses (where applicable), in Column C, Column I and Column O.  


Enter your total monthly salary under the income section.


Once you have your total income and expenses entered for the month, the template will calculate under the summary section whether you have a surplus or deficit for the month.  


Most of my clients are shocked when they complete their budget and realize they have a surplus because each month they feel they don't have enough and are living from paycheck to paycheck. 


If you have a surplus and you believe that each month you are in the red, it's time for you to track your spending.

If you have a deficit it's time for you to cutback on certain expenses.


If you think you need assistance with tackling your budget, sign up for the Quick Fix session so I can walk you through it or one of the financial coaching sessions.

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