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Julene Darby

Keishan really is the tax and financial connoisseur that she claims to be. She helped me file my 2019 tax return, while giving me insights on my finances. But most importantly, she was able to offer deductions on my tax returns due to a few business expenses I wasn’t aware would qualify. I was able to save over $600 in taxes! Thank you  @TheLegacyLady for your expertise, and great service. 


Mia Mackey

The experience of working with Keishan was one of the best things I have done for my present and future self in my adult life.  I have always had a very distant relationship with my money and that led to me making not so great choices in my financial life from college until now. Keishan gave not only practical tools to beginning budgeting and reviewing my financial life but she gave me the space to be vulnerable about my fears around money.  Keishan was consistent and encouraging the entire two months that we worked together. I went from not being sure to where my money was going every month to now having a working budget , a debt  repayment plan and two savings accounts.   I cannot recommend Keishan and her services enough . Thank you Legacy Lady !!!! 

B. Palmer

"Things are going great. I made my first increased payment towards my student loans. Thanks for your coaching sessions."

E. Acolatse

"I am definitely sticking to both my budget and savings plan due to your sessions. I wish I took advantage of this years ago."

A. De Loney

"I'm excited to share that I am a little over halfway to my financial savings goal for 2017, and it's on February 22nd 2016. I must say ever since my sessions with The Legacy Lady herself, I have established a new relationship with money and savings. The plan we created was both responsible and realistic...

S. Gibson

"The financial management session during the conference was excellent.  It brought to the attention of all the attendees the importance of understanding God's Economy vs the World's Economy and the importance of the 4 rules.  Excellent Presentation"

“After that first conversation, I knew that I had found exactly what I was looking for: a financial expert who could help me get on track with my finances. Keishan sparked something in me that made me want to really take control of my finances. I began to think differently and behave differently with money. I started to invest more in my future and not just the present. What connected Keishan and I the most is the fact that we both believe in building a solid legacy so that the generations to come will have a strong foundation to build upon. She is truly an inspiration and a contributor to who I am today.”

C. Stokes, Coaching Client


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